Wednesday, August 29, 2012

KABIR SATSANG with Shabnam Virmani

#1 Shanthi Road turns 10 years old this year! Ten vibrant years during which time we’ve broken new ground, nurtured talent and triggered a meaningful understanding and appreciation of visual art.

As is well known to its large circle of well-wishers, #1Shanthi has acted as an eclectic and alternative art and social space for dialogue, discussions and creativity. Over these 10 years, it has supported over 150 young and emerging artists who might otherwise have few opportunities for showcasing their work, as well as nurtured talks seasoned artists and scholars,and opened the space for musicians and the Kabir project.

We therefore request you to extend your support through financial contributions that can help sustain an enterprise that has hopefully enriched your experience and understanding of art and life. This financial support is critical if we are to fulfill our mission – that of building a strong and vibrant network of art practitioners and scholars both within India and outside.
More specifically, your contributions will be critical for several activities that push the residency a little closer to achieving its objectives.

We need to raise funds to sustain our ongoing programs for the next three years.
To sustain our selves and upgrade digital and virtual archiving system with a webpage that can support our ongoing projects and be networked locally and globally. Consolidate our working team of part and full-time staff to manage the residency and studio space.
We also wish to publishing a special book on this occasion to commemorate our 10th year. 

Further we envision more critical and creative endeavors with the visual arts. Looking forward to your support

Suresh Jayaram

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Sangeeta said...

When is this happening again? Is there anyway in which I can volunteer for 1shanthi road?