Saturday, March 16, 2013

"A Life Of My Own" by Chitti Prabhala

Chitti Prabala’s recent work is inspired by the primordial Panchabhoothas—water, fire, wind,
sky and earth—the five elements of our existence, the sacred and scientific source of all life. The
artist evokes their reality through found objects, crafted to suggest a form, wherein metaphor and
material dance in creative play. The forms themselves are sourced everywhere from her own attic
to the local hardware store; they are sometimes crafted from scratch and other times constructed by
sophisticated machine tools.

The effort is an indulgence of the senses; a sense of skill and joy lifted by creative possibilities
without academic or stylistic conventions and inhibitions. Chitti freely exercises a learnt skill to
explore the act of creation. She visualizes the mundane as magical, and turns the ephemeral and
celestial into concrete form. In this subtle and sensitive evocation, she fuses the elemental and
temporal with the material.