Monday, September 26, 2016

Thinking about aesthetics a lecture by Sundar Sarukkai

About the Talk: This talk will explore how and why we need to think about a concept called aesthetics. Rather than working with specific thinkers, we will explore how the concept of aesthetics arises and the kind of intellectual vocabulary one needs to understand it. So it will focus more on foundational themes that support the notion of aesthetics.
About the Speaker: Sundar Sarukkai is currently Professor of philosophy at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore. He was the Founding-Director of the Manipal Centre for Philosophy & Humanities, Manipal University, India from 2010-2015. He is the author of the following books: Translating the World: Science and Language, Philosophy of Symmetry, Indian Philosophy and Philosophy of Science, What is Science? and The Cracked Mirror: An Indian Debate on Experience and Theory (co-authored with Gopal Guru). He is an Editorial Advisory Board member of the Leonardo Book Series on science and art, published by MIT Press, the Series Editor for Science and Technology Studies, Routledge and the Chief Editor of the Springer Handbook of Logical Thought in India. Sarukkai is trained in physics and philosophy, and has a PhD from Purdue University, USA. His research interests include philosophy of science and mathematics, phenomenology and philosophy of language and art, drawing on both Indian and Western philosophical traditions. He has been a Homi Bhabha Fellow, Fellow of the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies at Shimla and PHISPC Associate Fellow.