Friday, February 22, 2013

The artist and social sculpture practitioner Kerstin Polzin, from Berlin, was offering the Earth Forum process in Bangalore. As a Resident of the Goethe Institute in Bangalore she was working with artists, social workers, environmental activists and interested parties in Berlin and Bangalore tointroduce the Earth Forum process. The Earth Forum is part of the global social sculpture project, University of the Trees, developed by Shelley Sacks from the Social Sculpture Research Unit, in Oxford, UK. Kerstin Polzin, working with fellow artists, Maria Linares and Stefan Kr├╝skemper as part of Citizens Art Days in Berlin, worked with Shelley Sacks to introduce this process in there. In Berlin, hundreds of people have taken part in the Earth Forum process, and many have already been trained as faciltators.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Presentation by Hiroyuki Hattori, Curator at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Japan

Hiroyuki Hattori, Curator will introduce and discuss ACAC's artist-in-residence programme. He will guide artists on the application process for the 2013 programme. The artist-in-residence at ACAC aims to promote contemporary art through collaborations and cultural exchange.  The 3 month long residency is open to artists from around the world. They residency also facilities workshops, lectures and collaborative projects.

Hiroyuki Hattori:
Hiroyuki Hattori is the curator at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori Public College. He is also the Director of the alternative art space: Midori Art Centre. He received his Masters in Architecture from Waseda University in 2006. He organizes a wide range of art projects and artist residencies based on an architectural way of thinking. In 2010, he curated an art project 24 Hour Television, which involved more than hundred local participants and emerging Japanese artists. In 2011-12, he curated a year-long residency programme Re-Modernologio, whe
re 11 artists worked along with him. He has also curated a solo exhibition Countless Stories, Living Boldly, Repeat by Yusuke Asai.

About ACAC:
Aomori Contemporary Art Centre was established with the purpose helping to shape the art culture of Aomori City. Offering local citizens to appreciate art, as well as participate in exchange activities. ACAC is intended to be a driving force behind a new artistic environment. Taking 'art and nature' as our main theme, we plan to develop various programmes that will promote an appreciation for international and local art in the rich natural environment of Aomori City. The main programme at ACAC is the Artist in Residence programme, in which native and international artists are invited to participate. The ACAC also holds exhibitions and various exchange programmes through which the local audience can actually experience the creative process.

ACAC was designed by renowned architect Ando Tadao. Taking care not to destroy the geographical undulations of the site, and in an attempt to make the best use of the surrounding natural features, the construction was designed on the lines of 'invisible architecture' with the buildings buried deep inside the surrounding forest. The linear Creative Hall, the Residential Hall shaped like a bridge stretched across a valley, and the horseshoe-shaped Exhibition Hall comprising of galleries and a circular open stage, make up the 3 buildings on the site.

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