Friday, September 21, 2012

Justene Williams is participating in a month long artistic residency at 1 Shanthi Road studio facilitated by Carriage works Sydney, as part of The India- Australia 2012 Year of Friendship. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

This work looks closely at the narrative of storytelling and travelling as a shared common experience. This work in collaboration with a school run by Jagruthi* draws out the imagination of students from standard I II and III  focusing on the imaginary places they dream to go to. In teaching students to see themselves as storytellers, and by fostering a classroom culture in which all stories are valuable connections to the human experience, we, as a community of learners, unite ourselves in an ancient tradition, and in the telling of our stories, thereby pass the gift on to others. Creating  an aural & visual language of our thoughts and personal experiences provides the opportunity to share them with others. Therefore, the telling of our stories becomes powerful in its ability to convey the experience to others, in its ability to connect us to the human experience, while simultaneously having the ability to teach us about ourselves, or dreams and our own inner connections.

About: Tiffany Singh is a New Zealand based Installation artist. Her philosophies and practices encompass influences as varied as Modernism, Eastern and Western spiritual beliefs, Jungian psychology and Ancient cultures.

*Jagruthi, established in 1995, is a voluntary developmental organisation working for prevention and rehabilitation, issues in stemming the spread of STD/STI and HIV among children (both girls and boys)women, men, highly vulnerable populations and marginalised communities in Karnataka. As part of their prevention programme that seeks to protect children from an exploitative circumstances Jagruthi helps run the MEG School along with Seva Sachin for the children of the Doddigunta slum.

Tiffany Singh's residency at 1.Shanthiroad is supported by the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

Suresh Jayaram

1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery