Sunday, December 20, 2015


'PLEASE FIND ENCLOSED' series is a collaborative project brought to you by Kena Artists' Initiative and Collectif BLBC, Paris, with the kind support of 1 Shanthi Road, Bangalore.


Born in the South of France in 1968, Patrick Sagnes was only 8 when he took his first image with the family camera. He started sneaking his way into the photo world, while he was undergoing training at KODIRIS, PICTO laboratory and FUJIFILM. After spending 4 years at the University of Art and the High School of Communication, Patrick Sagnes left Lyon for Paris and was admitted at the EMI-CFD School of Photojournalism. Once graduated, he joined Saola Press Agency, publishing his first photos and began contributing to magazines all over the world. While collaborating with various news agencies – after leaving Saola – he was awarded “Young Reporter Prize of the Year” by the European Festival of Journalism in Angers. By this time, Patrick Sagnes decided to work by himself, and, as an independant photographer for the press magazines. Which led him to be entrusted with communication and commercial campaigns for well-known international groups Adidas, Elle or Coca-Cola.


An exhibition solely developed through digital streams Collectif BLBC, based in Paris, France in collaboration with Kena, based in Bangalore, 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Freedom Jatha- Talk by Githa Hriharan

What makes a city, or any place, home? The prevailing view of people and places, and their history, has largely been a Western version. What does this gaze look like when it is firmly located here, whether in India or Palestine, and complicated by several cultures, languages, traditions and political debates? Githa Hariharan will talk about her visit to Palestine and read from her book Almost Home which combines memoir and polemic, historical and imagined narrative, anecdote and poetry.

Githa Hariharan is the author of several novels including The Thousand Faces of Night, In Times of Siege and Fugitive Histories, and a collection of essays called Almost Home: Cities and Other Places. She is a member of the Palestine Solidarity Committee in India, for whom she edited the volume From India to Palestine: Essays in Solidarity; and a convener of the Indian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. For more on this Delhi-based author and her work, visit

Friday, December 11, 2015

HOME IS (W)HERE-Painting exhibition by Manju Mohanadas

Manju Mohanadas explores the idea of home beyond an address or a space. It is a private map, a sacred space where we come back again and again.

The artist questions herself-
"Where is home and where does one really belong?
The idea of a home - be it personal, geographical, familial is what the artist explores, questions and engages with. 
Displacement and dispossession trigger inquiries into ideas of ‘belonging’ - to places, spaces and times and a further re-look into one's roots and personal identity."

Manju works with mediums and materials to explore her idea, she explores her own body as map where life lines are etched deep. Through layered, strung and stitched landscapes, sometimes interspersed with maps and text, the artist attempts to articulate this fluid, unresolved state of being. 

When you say "I feel at home" it is a level of comfort, a space and time that is one's own. An address you want to own.To live and create and be yourself.

Manju Mohanadas is from Kochi, she has made Bangalore her home since 2000. She has received a MA in Fine Arts at College of Fine Arts, CKP, Bangalore.
- Suresh Jayaram