Friday, March 26, 2021

 Kameshwaran is keenly invested in his immediate surroundings, thereby allowing the environments he inhabits to inform his work. He is especially drawn to the idea of home, his own family and uses materials that he salvages from urban debris that is somewhat connected to his own life. His skillful hands have the ability to bring meaning to the materials he works with whilst crafting ideas onto objects, with a subtle interplay between light and shadow. He navigates from the home/self, agrarian landscape, and the urban garden.

Stranded at home during the long and anxious lockdown period of the Covid pandemic, Kamesh found ways to sustain himself while stranded at home. Taking inspiration from the mundane, Kamesh observed lizards on the ceiling, chased fluttering moths, listened to bird songs, traced gnarled branches that blossom from the long winter and incorporated the aforementioned observations and activities into his work to sow seeds of hope.

The artist looks at himself in his self-portraits and holds a mirror to us, asking fundamental questions that are existential. He creates sculptural installations to investigate the hierarchy and patriarchy of labour. And from the arid landscape of his village, he chases rain clouds, yearning to harvest his thoughts as an artist on the edge of desire. This short interlude as an artist-in-residence at 1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery has given him the time to pause, think and look forward to the future. 

Friday, March 19, 2021

Bangalore, Inside/Out

A Photography Exhibition
Curated by Ashok Vish & Sandeep TK
Opens Friday, March 19, 2021 @ 7PM
On display till Sunday, March 21
7PM - 10PM. Evenings ONLY!
Part of Bangalore CONNECT, a series of projects supported under Project 560 by India Foundation for the Arts
About the Exhibition
‘Bangalore, Inside/Out’ will look at the role of photography as a means of access to people and places that we otherwise might not have access to, signifying that photographing intimate subjects is a life instinct. The exhibition will look at the city of Bangalore but by shifting the gaze inwards. By combining ideas of fiction and fantasy, we hope that the show will take us through the photographers’ journeys in looking at the intimate, while highlighting those personal stories, relationships, familial histories, interior spaces and other subject matters that are unquestionably personal in nature in relation to the city of Bangalore. Through such personal narratives, and looking inwards, we hope to make further enquiries around the numerous changes and conflicts of the city of Bangalore.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Meals Ready - Dips and Desserts with Suresh Jayaram

 Dips and Desserts with Suresh Jayaram

4:00 pm IST
14th March 2021
on Zoom
Based on The 1Shanthiroad Cookbook, Meals Ready is a series of three cooking-related events in which contributors from the book demonstrate a selection of recipes. Meals Ready serves as the next part of a broader project undertaken with support from an arts research grant from India Foundation for the Arts to initiate dialogues around the politics, history, and culture of food with a broader audience.
In Dips and Desserts, Suresh Jayaram, the founder of 1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery, will demonstrate three recipes from the book: two dips and a tender coconut pudding.
Prior registrations are required for this event and it will take place online via Zoom. Participants will be given a list of all required ingredients and can follow along from their homes and kitchens.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Past Forward: Anita Saran

 Past Forward: Anita Saran

“The personal is the most creative.” – Martin Scorsese
Anita has always loved to paint, winning all the
art competitions in school as well as bagging
the second place in the national Shankar’s
Painting Competition for Children.

A self-taught artist, she held her first solo show-
‘The Naked Muse’ at Java City Studios, Bangalore in
1999. She is inspired by Vincent Van Gogh and

Past Forward: Anita Saran’ is a celebration of her
iconic Wild Child days in Bangalore and her
passion for digital art.

But she looks forward to diving into the paint again
The current show of digital prints looks back at
her life as a model in exotic photoshoots that
celebrate Anita’s poise and attitude.

She looks back in retrospect and unpacks her personal
archive to revisit the Self.
She digitally modifies them with an expressionistic palette
to reclaim herself from the mirror of the past into the window of creative possibilities.
Here is a woman, model, writer, and creative soul who believes in karma and compassion, stretching her canvas to love herself and others.