Saturday, June 21, 2014

Film Screening I Churukumara a Film by Sandeep Kumar

Storyline- In a flat within an urban apartment complex an old man is preparing to step out for his daily walk. His grandson insists that he accompanies his grandfather despite his mother’s reluctance to send him out. The boy eventually manages to slip out with his grandfather. What follows is a surprise to both. The grandfather gets engrossed in a bookshop and the grandson, a restless child, ventures into a bustling market and loses his way.

The grandson is anxious and the grandfather paranoid. Each searches for the other in his own fashion, and they eventualy re-unite. The experience of losing a loved one, the various repercussions and the joy of re-uniting – this forms the emotional path of the film.

On finding one another, the grandfather and the child get into an argument as to who really was lost, and and who was out looking.