Friday, April 17, 2015

Rajitha Schade's recent work

Transience always brings with it disquiet, displacement, and disparity. However it also opens up fresh perspectives and demands and realignment. As a subject for my work in the past years I have drawn from the nature of plants for their aspects of beauty, resilience, perpetuation, love, perfection and desire, transience and mortality.
My own life was a series of relocations in different cities. The last relocation has changed my work. I collected experiences that colored my senses. The transition seems to have laid bare questions. These works locate themselves in my past and carry the promise of a future that is uncertain. And I choose to share my work because as I am finally accepting of the doubts and uncertainties.
Coming to Bangalore was a revelation physically and metaphorically, I found Lalbagh Botanical Gardens it was “The garden of earthy delights”. It was here that I explored the experimentation of species and flora from different parts of the world. Much like myself. The plants have thrived and so have I. #1 Shanthiroad Studio provides the ideal coordinates for cultural exchange and artistic reflection in a nurturing environment in this urbanscape of Bangalore, hence the space was ideal for me to introduce myself to the city.