Friday, June 10, 2022

'Different Danny and other stories' by Amshu Chukki

Behind the cinematic image are invisible processes of divination – bodies and apparatus that converge to form contraptions for production. Several practices and objects associated with cinema are often identified using terminology only understood by those in the filmmaking fraternity.

This invisibility is both violence and possibility to those it envelopes. In Different Danny and Other Stories, Amshu these skills, devices, and conditions to conjure an atmosphere that complicates labor and its relationship to the architecture of cinema.

Here, props, stands, temporary sets and stretchable bodies enmesh with desire, demand, and danger to come to terms with the inevitability of adjustment and change. It either mimics or it challenges the natural – conditions such as temperature, season and light are either resisted or required, for example. 

Through film, installations, and paintings, Chukki delves into cinematic time through and with these ‘background’ protagonists. Nonlinear, ductile, and sometimes suspended: time is unraveled against its very source – the spectacular city.

-Mario DSouza

Sunday, June 5, 2022

'Almirah' Performance by Avril Stormy Unger and live sound by Sultana Zana

The works showcased in Almirah were created in isolation during the pandemic years when Avril was also coming to terms with her sexuality. Household objects and domestic acts like stitching, humming, and ironing has found their way into her performative work.
Avril’s work is informed by performance, whether in video or object form. It is a pursuit of an image or impulse responding to either the space or the social form. Sometimes literal, sometimes metaphorical, it is a practice grounded in being able to see oneself in the world. In the works showcased in Almirah, Avril is exploring subjects like compulsory heterosexuality, intimate partner violence, and marginalization. Using her distinctive mode of expression, she forces us to reflect on our individual and collective sense of self.
Almirah will feature video works and performance art.
5th June, 6 PM
Artist Bio -
Avril Stormy Unger is an interdisciplinary artist whose work across mediums is informed by performance nuances. Her practice spans durational performance, live art, movement art, video art, interventions and installations. Her artistic practice is impulsive, experimental, and unbound by discipline.
The recurring themes explored in her work include gender and sexuality, abuse and trauma, Christianity, urban living and mental health.
Her work is deeply personal and is reflective of her Indian context.
Her most recent works include 'Take what you need' showcased at Gallery Lock-in, Brighton (2021), 'Mirage' and 'Untangle' exhibited at Embodied Arts Festival, Oyoun, Berlin (2021), and 'i think it sucks,' Vadehra Art Gallery, Delhi (2020).
Avril lives and practices between Goa and Bangalore in India.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Inlaks fine art awardees open studio

Open Studio of the Inlaks Fine Art Awardees 2022 at 1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery on Wednesday, 1st June at 6 pm.

Each artist offers a unique perspective of the world we live in via their individual practices.
Ankit Ravani is interested in finding patterns and a displaced familiarity with his surroundings Arpita Akhanda delves into multiple histories through the themes of memory, trauma, and migration.
Debashish Paul explores the problems of queer identity in a society dominated by heterosexual norms.
Hrishitonoy Dutta’s practice attempts to understand and interpret the changing environment through a spatial lens.
Mallika Visvanathan is invested in themes such as language, belonging, and personal histories.
The artists will conduct a walkthrough from 7pm to 8pm on the opening day.
The Open Studio will be on till 3rd June 2022.
The residency has been supported by the Inlaks India Foundation.