Thursday, March 8, 2012

SHOWCASE at 1Shanthiroad

Can we use art? Can art/crafts be part of contemporary life style? These are questions that we can address in many ways. Gandhi’s philosophy address these issues and some artists have addressed this successfully,others try to negotiate these tricky territory and connect "Kala" with life.
Generally, the colonial arts and craft divide still exists. Ceramics have a long art history, fortunately studio potters in India seem to have broken the barrier and have occupied gallery spaces. Pottery blends utility with beauty, to touch, use and also break.
1Shanthiroad studio/gallery has showcased and supported crafts as part of its policy in the past. We have been associated with studio potters from Pondicherry and Bhopal and believe in the work of these artists who work with ceramics.
This is an effort to “show case” crafts at the gallery, to welcome new audiences and create an awareness about studio pottery. 
The arts and crafts in India were always part of living and we wish to continue this living tradition in our little way.

-1Shanthiroad studio/gallery