Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review of Beate Engl's show by Marta Jakimowicz in Deccan Herald

Sound spaces

“Every sound alarms” by Beate Engle, the German resident at 1Shanthi Road Studio/Gallery (October 1 to 5), was another interesting exploration in multi-sensory experiences. The artist quite successfully tries to make evident, or rather felt, the intangible trajectories and dynamic dependence between sounds, words, three-dimensional objects, people, colours and lights in their spaces.

Impressions, meaning and sensations almost tactile for the involved viewer bear a mutual impact in it, while the present and the fleeting interact with the auras left behind by things past.

Although new to India, she reacted to its reality, spirit and history in a sensitive manner, sometimes calmly focussed and sometimes exciting. Whereas her “Showdown” photographs translated a stirring, rhythmic brightness into an evocation of riotous, festive noises, the “Fair Trade” wall of quoted sentences conjured a movement of human aspirations and “Community Disco” dynamically integrated traffic lights with flashing colour lamps and popular music. Especially good was “Liberty Tree” using post-Independence newsreel sound and image projected over and through an old-fashioned, ornamental memento stand.

Effective too was the series of photographs which playfully and warmly captured monuments of historical personalities finding a prosaic yet charming relationship with current life.

by Marta Jakimowicz
in Art Review , Deccan Herald, Wed 13 Oct 2010

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