Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stems and Strains- A Solo Exhibition by Ella Ben Ami

 Ella Ben Ami, Israeli artist, started her artistic career in music from young age. She worked in the field of experimental and acoustic rock, as a singer composer and text writer. She established several music groups with whom she preformed throughout Israel. In early 2000 when she moved to live the U.S, she joined the Corcoran college of Art and design in Washington DC, where she focused her attention on abstract painting. She had participated in solo and group exhibitions throughout the U.S and Israel, and is represented by Bill Lowe Gallery in Atlanta.In the past couple of years, she has been working in video and sound as well. 

She is currently based in Bangalore with her husband Anand Narasimhan and daughter Daya. This is her first exhibition in India.

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