Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Playing 1ShanthiRoad - Sound and its Other, By Runo Søchting

Rune Søchting
Playing 1ShanthiRoad - Sound and its Other
Presentation at 1 Shanthi Road
Wednesday August 10th, 2011, 6:30 PM

Playing 1ShanthiRoad - Sound and its Other
Danish artist Rune Søchting presents his recent works on sound as a spatial and relational phenomenon. Particularly the notion of silence is investigated and how it relates to space, language and memory. He presents a project that has been developed as a search for silence in the gallery space at 1ShanthiRoad. The site-specific investigation explores the phenomenon of standing waves where the outcome is a mapping of the unique resonant properties of this gallery space and how it responds to different frequencies at different locations within the room.

Rune Søchting is an artist and composer of electronic music based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He works at the intersection of music composition, performance and installation with a main focus on sound. He has been particularly interested in the physical aspect of sound and how it determines the shape and atmosphere of a given space. In a number of recent works he has also explored the notion of sound as a social and cultural phenomenon linking it to concepts such as memory, history and identity.

He has been teaching experimental work with sound, techniques and the history of sound based art in different contexts, among others at the Royal Danish Art Academy, The Danish Music Academy in Århus and the IT-University in Copenhagen. He is the coordinator for Nordic Sound Art, a two-year Joint Master program for work with sound based art within an inter-Nordic coalition of art academies. He has conducted numerous workshops, lately in India and Hong Kong. He is currently writing a Ph.D. on sound as a social and spatial phenomenon.

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