Sunday, June 13, 2010


Street Scholars @ 1Shanthiroad


Moulding, Moulting, Smelting
Rohini Sen & Sohini Chattopadhyay
Young artists speaking on their creative process

in conversation with

Indira Chowdhury, Vivek Dhareshwar and Lata Mani

Saturday June 19, 2010, 6 pm
@ 1Shanthiroad studio/gallery, Bangalore

Rohini is an actor, sculptor, writer, runner and recent graduate from CKP whose interests come together in sculpture and its metaphors.
Shohini is an artist who uses photographs to weave allusions. Her works have been exhibited in Cairo, New Delhi and Bengaluru

STREET SCHOLARS seeks to initiate discussions that bring a certain kind of reflection to bear on our varied practices, our ways of engaging the world, (artistic, political or academic).

Street Scholars emerged from conversations between Indira Chowdhury, Vivek Dhareshwar and Lata Mani.

It grows out of dissatisfaction with the way our intellectual engagements have become routinized. The political, economic, ecological and intellectual crises that convulse the current period urgently call on us to rethink many of our presuppositions. We believe that such reconsideration requires us to reclaim the notion of reflection as an active dimension of our activities rather than as something that precedes or stands outside of them. Scholarship should be alive, like the streets, to questions and to ways of reflecting on them.

Street Scholars hopes to partner with anyone, or any institution, that is trying to formulate new areas of inquiry. We believe this kind of collective reflection could enable us to build a new critical vocabulary with which to understand the issues that impinge on us and to formulate new commitments. We especially seek to engage the explorations of young researchers and artists.

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Sophie Munns said...

I thought this was so interesting...
I have been involved a little with art events that promote or host dialogue with dinners.
It sounds very interesting what you are doing!
best wishes,