Thursday, June 24, 2010

Manegondu maraa - (a tree for every home) Tree Planting

In the wake of the changing landscape of Bangalore, we have seen an unprecedented depletion of tree cover. This is the price we pay for city development and unorganized planning. The government has made few attempts of transplanting trees. There have been no conscious efforts to put into place Arboriculture and other scientific approaches to tree management nor is there an attempt at making it a collaborative effort with the citizens. Negotiating Routes-Ecologies of the Byways* is an attempt to involve the public in planting the trees they love. This is a private-public partnership to green the city in a small way while keeping in mind the urgent need for bio-aesthetics by planting local trees. This project has been initiated by KHOJ New Delhi with local collaboration with VAC/1.Shanthiroad, Maara and Amarjothi Layout Residents Welfare Association, Domlur.

In this project each family living in the locality will plant and nurture a tree in a designated park. This will specially involve children who will be encouraged to adopt a particular tree. A ledger will then be maintained by the children who will be assisted to monitor the progress of the tree. This will be compiled into a book by the welfare association.

Venue: Domlur (adjacent to Mother Earth, Intermediate Ring Road)
Time: 8am - 10 am
Sun 27 June 2010

Negotiating Routes: Ecologies of the Byways
Inspired by the need to render "the world a big forest, making towns and environments forest-like.", Negotiating Routes: Ecologies of the Byways, is a 2 year project inviting reflection by artists on the anxiety of ‘development’ embodied in the rank infrastructural development across India and its coexistence with local ecologies.
Over two years, Negotiating Routes hopes to map the various project sites across the country to create an alternative road map where artists and communities have come together and have been involved in discussions on the regeneration of the local ecology of the cities or villages that they inhabit.
This project was initiated by Varsha Nair and is co curated by Pooja Sood at KHOJ.

All are welcome!

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