Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tooth Tales

This is a collaboration with local and traditional toy makers with a contemporary artist. To create an opportunity to look at the craft of toy making as a language in the contemporary context.

The fear of tooth decay and the associated imagery of animated caricatures of creatures that infest tooth, are part of childhood memory, and contemporary advertisement are part of the artist’s imagination.

Prantik Chattopadhyay (an artist based in Baroda) has worked with local craftsmen from Channapatna- Nanda Kumar M.N and his son Madhu Arya M.N to create an insect or composite creature that is part of the myth of worms that drills tooth. The obvious connection with food and desire is an everyday challenge as we negotiate life. The artist’s imagination creates a toy that seduces the viewer to indulge in food and warn us about the dangers of excess.


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