Tuesday, January 5, 2010

City at Seige

"City at Seige"

Public art project by Madhu.D
Dec 2009
Supported by City Spinning + VAC/1Shanthi road.

Madhu.D was away from Bangalore for six months and when he returned he couldn’t recognize his city. The accelerated change and erasures are inevitable here, the city seems like a construction site, a battle ground of change and resistance, loss and hope.
The unplanned chaos is unnerving; the change in landscape has left us with only real estate as a promise for the future. This is visual response to the absurdity of a city that is at siege, the moaning of loss and the mocking of a city that seems to be waking up late and has been caught napping.
This event is one of the many to focus on Bangalore, organized to look at urban issues and to ask questions.

- Prayas Abhinav+ Suresh Jayaram
City Spinning+VAC/1Shanthi road.

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