Monday, November 26, 2007

The nomadic aesthetic-FLEETING UTOPIAS in Bangalore

The nomadic aesthetic-FLEETING UTOPIAS

When artist flaunt visual conventions and challenge the viewer and the system one sees hope. They locate themselves in the vast global map with their social concerns and political stances They formally explore unconventional material, create site-specific works, installations. They become part of informal collectives and alliances for art practice beyond the academic. These eclectic cross-cultural encounters evolve new ways of perceiving and representing our reality. These gentle subversions critique co modification and the ‘white cube’. This is the birth of the Nomadic aesthetic that existed in the public sphere and has opened up new doors of perception...

For more information on Fleetings Utopias in 1Shantiroad1 Bangalore
For Fleeting Utopias in Waschhause Berlin

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Suresh Jayaram said...

if someone wants to see Nomadic Quilombo action in the Amazon search for it on the project Navegar amazonia