Friday, May 3, 2024

Prophets, Visionaries and Disciples

Prophets, Visionaries and Disciples: Srishti Faculty and Students

May 3 - 15, 2024.

This exhibition features a select group of Srishti students and faculty whose work represents an ongoing confluence of artistic research and practice.

Whether prophets, visionaries or disciples, we are offered a profound insight into their recent conceptual and formal investigations:

They are our advance guard in confronting that our world is bent out of shape,

They are our barometers of the gravity of the current human condition,

They discover and describe the hidden elements of destruction and chaos that lies before us,

They are prophets of the past and visionaries of the future.

These artists are all disciples of the artistic practices that have been practiced for centuries. Driven by the challenge of how to convey the world in its beauty and ugliness, and as proactive witnesses of our unfolding history, these artists continue the legacy of masters both celebrated and "anonymous." They share their journeys into profound self-knowledge, where visions of our future are distilled.

Notable works include: Shai Heredia's most recent book, One Film at a Time, 2024, an anthology that traces diverse histories and trajectories of filmmaking in India since the 1960s; Mamatha Sagar's Song Slauther installation in the memory of Saketh, who was brutally felled by the police in 2005 and Anil Kumar's drawings titled Those who Preach, Reach Each to whom it does Ache!

Participating artists:

Anan Wadhwana, Anil Kumar; Ananya Vepa, Arya Patil, Bavisha, Charvee Thakur, Devaki Pratap, Mamatha Sagar, Ramona Dias; Spriha Das, Shambhavi; Shai Heredia, Vaibhavi, Vani Parmar, Yajnaseni, and Yashas Shetty.


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