Sunday, November 26, 2017

Botanical Cosmos

Man & Wah are flower boys living and working in Australia. They produce visual works that highlights the intricate forms and colours of plants through large format photographic prints & audio/visual digital projections. These works celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature from around the world, encouraging reflection and deeper contemplation of our relationship with nature, inviting us to pause and appreciate the role it plays in sustaining a liveable planet.
Botanical Cosmos Bengaluru is a series of new botanical inspired works by Man & Wah. Exploring the back streets of the city and Bengaluru’s renowned City Market, Man & Wah with the help of the Shanthi Road crew collected an array of plants within the city’s rapid concrete developments. They visually captured each plant's unique forms and vivid colours through still images and video works that reveal a new sense of perspective and connection with nature that seems to be quickly disappearing amongst this city’s modern expansions.

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