Thursday, March 9, 2017

UNSAXOPHONIC-A musical performance by Ali Fyffe and Matt Hinchliffe

About halfsound: halfsound is an Australian experimental saxophone duo formed by Ali Fyffe and Matt Hinchliffe. We like to work with a wide variety of sounds with a strong focus on innovation and challenging perceptions of music, the saxophone and, more broadly, art. We play a mixture of notated and improvised music as well as our own performance concepts. We have a particular interest in using the saxophone in unexpected ways to create sounds that are as far removed as possible from the typical sounds of our instrument. We sometimes also perform with electronics and other objects to expand our sonic palette. We also have a strong interest in collaboration, particularly in inter-disciplinary settings so we regularly work with other musicians, artists and performers who share our passion for trying new ideas. For more information about us, check out
About the performance: The performance will be a sonic exploration of deconstruction, modification and reconstruction. Throughout the performance, we will gradually deconstruct and modify the mechanisms of our saxophones as well as use parts of the saxophone in conjunction with other objects to explore sound worlds that become increasingly "unsaxophonic". The idea is to deliberately create sounds that will challenge preconceived notions of the saxophone or, at times, even music. As the performance progresses, pitch will gradually descend into a cacophony of slurps, clicks, screeches and other non-musical sounds.

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