Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Invisible Libraries: Book Launch

In Chemin-des-Dames, a memorial library may be found
encased in a series of catacombs, while in Memorious, the
living have themselves become an oral record of literature.
The rules of Linearis mandate fidelity to a book till its
completion, while Dermestis Lardarius houses books in
a state of half-eaten incompleteness. Journey further into
this world, and you will find libraries taxonomized by
smell, composed of marginalia, etched in ice, and forged
in nightmares.

'Invisible Libraries' captures the sensuous, enigmatic and
aesthetic world of books and libraries. Taking a cue
from Italo Calvino’s 'Invisible Cities', the authors explore
bibliophilia, especially in the way it manifests itself via our
love aff air with libraries.


Lawrence Liang is a lawyer and writer whose idea of paradise is a library.

Monica James is a bibliophile, who also writes and makes films.

Danish Sheikh writes, does theatre, and is occasionally weighed down by the law.

Amy Trautwein prefers plants to books.

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