Friday, August 12, 2016


This show of leftovers is a tribute to the memory of the artists that passed through 1Shanthiroad and our diverging journeys recollected in the gallery. When an artist travels s/he is a cultural nomad and migrant. Artist residencies function as temporary studios or homes to these travelling artists. In these spaces one can find a choreography of consumption, excess, residue and possible renewal. Artists come with a baggage of fears and unpack them in this temporary space. Local materials blend with foreign products that the artists bring with them. These objects that are used and discarded function as an archive of leftovers of a time and context. These include art materials, medicines, clothes and cosmetics along with art works, drafts and experiments left behind in the studio. Often situations and artworks were fragile and though visibly disintegrating, artists had objected to discarding them resulting in negotiations in preserving, care-taking and reconstruction. Recontextualised in the context of this exhibition, these leftovers now stand rearranged waiting to move from this home to the next.

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