Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cover Page- An Interactive Social Project 
Cover-page  is a social project about conversations between me and Bangaloreans.I am An Artist so interested in human portraits for me portraits ofeach individual is a narrative of their personality. In Cover-page I have tried to look in to their personality through digital video.
In this work I have had conversation with Bangaloreans from different backgrounds, profession, localities, and age groups.In conversation, I have asked a set of questions, they were relevant to all of us. Some questions were spontaneously asked during the conversations which were related to their profession, age group and gender. Through this conversations I could understand their taste, skills, interests, beliefs, visions, sorrows , pains and perspective about their life.
All the conversions were documented through digital video & audio.Few of the selected conversions have been edited and displayed in Cover-page.In one of the displays, mirrors cut in the shape of everyday objects, I would like to remind viewers their personal attachment with these objects and to see themselves inside these objects.
Rakesh kallur is a multidisciplinary artist from Bangalore, studied Master Degree in Bangalore University .He currently lives and works in Bangalore.

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