Thursday, May 31, 2012


Open Studio: ARTIST TALK AND SCREENING by Margie Medlin

Date: Saturday June 2, 2012 
Time: 7pm onwards 

Margie Medlin a visiting artist from Australia will show a combination of film/video and artworks.


3 MIN, 16 MM, 1996.
This work is in part a collaboration with desoxy Theatre. The stage, itself a blank darkness,
is constantly altered by the throw of bodies falling up from the floor or across from the sides.
We are not aware of any reference point that alludes to a conventional sense of gravity.
This is accentuated by the acrobatic skills of the performers who make use of inverted
positions of the body.

3MIN, 16 MM, 2001
Set in an old power station, once alive with the whirr and hum of electrical generators, its now
cavernous space offers a haunting setting for a dance film about memory and loss, presence
and absence.

10.40 MIN, VIDEO, 2000
The film depicts four women moving through a spatial and poetic journey. Visceral and
visual, the film interchanges the eye of the dancer with the eye of the camera, creating an
evocative, intimate and sensual journey, travelling through the eye to the heart.


19 MIN, VIDEO, 1998 (only excerpt to be shown)
Four films about space and movement, made by Jacqueline Everitt, Stephen Bram, Margie
Medlin and Ben Anderson.

30 MIN, VIDEO, 1996 (only excerpt to be shown)
The locations with in this city are The Transit Zone, The Market Place, The Deportation
Center, The Border Town and The House. The work, Mobility in an Artificial City, draws
attention to the emotional interactions of inhabitants to different spaces.

10 MIN, VIDEO, 2002 (only excerpt to be shown)
Featuring a duet between a live dancer and a virtual dancer this project explores the
complex relationship between the real and the virtual. Giving a dynamic range and
emphasis the human and the visceral quality of the dance. The work is also using the
dancer's movements to draw attention to the body in the changing face of cities and the
culture of urban planning.


5 MIN, VIDEO, 2005-2007, QUARTET PROJECT (excerpt)
A performance project that project developed and, built a robotic camera that embodies and
replicates the movement of a live dancer in real-time providing a representation of the dancer’s
point of view, utilizing motion control technology.


Margie Medlin (AUS/ GB) is an internationally recognized artist leading the field of dance and the moving image. For 20 years she has produced combinations of film and video works,scenographies and new media art works. As a producer and director of dance films and video works most recent credits include the film of SWIFT developed in collaboration with Warby for ABC television and Morphing Physiology a documentary of the Quartet Project. ‘Previous installations devised software and hardware tools that created an intelligent reflection on dance through the media of new technology.’ Ballet Tanz.

She has a BACHELOR OF ARTS in Film making and New Art Studies, Australia (1988), was a SPECIAL RESEARCH FELLOW lighting design at Yale School of Drama, U.S.A. (1989), she studied Scenography at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, London. (1991), ADVANCED COMPUTER APPLICATIONS FOR THEATRE DESIGN at Central School of Speech and Drama, London. (1992) and has a MASTER OF ARTS Interior Design, Australia (1999). She was artist in Residence at the ZKM Institute for Art and Media, Germany (1999-2001), She received a Science and Art production award from the Wellcome Trust in London in 2005.

In 2007 Margie has been the Director of Critical Path, dance laboratory, Sydney NSW. Established in 2004, Critical Path is a dynamic, responsive organization. It delivers a
program of research opportunities which promote innovation by creating opportunities for choreographers to explore new ways of working, develop new networks and engage in debate and critical appreciation of dance. Margie is currently on a years sabbatical and has an Asialink Performance Arts Asialink residency with Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Bangalore, India and 1.Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery. The focus of the residency is to contribute to the curatorial themes and content for the 2013 Biennial of Dance and Digital Arts. She will also mentor choreographers participating in the FACETS initiative in the lead up to the Attakkalari India Biennial 2013.

1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery

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