Monday, February 13, 2012

BACKGROUND MATTER, visual research on Indian photo studios

Background Matter :Researching Photo Studios of India

A Photo Exhibit and Installation Kuba Ryniewicz and Siddharth Chadha

At the intersection of technology and culture, transitions from hand painted backdrops to photoshop super-impositions have transformed the Photo Studio. 
The physicality of the image is replaced by digital files. Nevertheless, studio photographs are still used to preserve the truth likeness of people memories and the past. 
The exhibit points to the accompanying changes of the popular aesthetic of the digital era. The role of the photographer as a creator of portraits, and the importance of 
portraiture to the society is the central theme of the work.

Kuba Ryniewicz, former student of Philosophy at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, finished Contemporary Photographic Practice at Northumbria University in
Newcastle, England. For this project he used various 35mm cameras such as Nikon EM, Zenith, and compact cameras. 

Siddharth Chadha is researcher, indie film-maker and a community media practitioner. Sometimes you find him dabbling in paints and philosophy, along sidewalks of the city.
Recently, he has been spotted setting up an ice-cream store and an organic farm in Punjab. 
You can contact him at

1.Shanthi Road Studio/Gallery


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