Friday, December 23, 2011


Painting for me is a means of creating, of experimenting and exploring different media to achieve fascinating results.
Since I first delved into the world of art over twenty years ago with a watercolour class in the US, I have evolved as an artist. I have drawn on the experiences of many wonderful artists/teachers through the years, who have helped me to gain skills and techniques. I use those valuable lessons to to create whatever my mind has in store for me. Art to me is an excitement, a restlessness and a need to keep meeting new challenges.
Lately I have been dividing my time between England, India and the U.S. – all countries where I have lived at some point or another in my life. My art has been influenced by this path that I have followed, making it a blend of the East and the West, a reflection of the journey of my existence both physical and spiritual. There is a search in all of us and my work helps me to identify mine.
Texture is something that appeals to me; in many of my acrylic and oil works you will notice the profusion of layers to give a rich multiplicity. I want the viewer to peer into my painting to see what lies beneath. My most recent works involve the palette knife which enables me to apply thick and generous amounts of paint. I hope you enjoy seeing the interplay between colours and strokes.
Currently I am pursuing a degree in art from the Open College of the Arts in the UK and working on my 3rd course which consists of art history. I am enjoying learning about the works of abstract expressionists, Frank Auerbach, Richard Diebenkorn, John Walker and Gerhard Richter.

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