Saturday, February 20, 2010

Agam : Puram ~ At times of War and 'L..'

Agam : Puram
~ At times of War and ‘L..’

Installation by Thitta

Feb 12 -18, 2010
@1shanthiroad studio/gallery.

'Silence of the Manifesto'

'Silence of the Manifesto' Detail

Harvesting Naxals

Democrazy tree

External Affairs

Genocide under a full moon

Agam : Puram
~ At times of War and ‘L..’

" Every isms brought manifestos…propagandas… let it be in art or in
politics….(sometime art become politics.. but politics never reached
stage of art..pun intended..)….but what it does in time…. giving power
to small group to authorize everything…in process the individual soul
is ignored in the name of ‘society’ ( which is so called ‘collective
soul’).. but that same individual soul fights back and creates
another “red book manifesto with words of silence!”……

There is always war somewhere with someone… let it be political..
economical.. cultural.. even within our ‘self’… but this invisible
‘L…’ ..which brings 'us' together..
At times of war what we could to…. Fight back… or defend ourself… or
write eulogy for martyrdom…. Sit back and clean the brushes and close
our fingers and …. Let canvas windup itself … what art will be without
freedom…. Or will it be art.. "
~~ thitta

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