Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two Lyricism - review by Martha Jakimowicz for Deccan Herald dtd 11 August, 2008


Marta Jakimowicz

Two lyricisms

The exhibition called ‘Open’ at Khoj@1Shanthiroad (August 1 to 3) presented the work done by its two latest residents. Although differing in their approaches, themes and mediums, both artists touched on things personal and poetic. The temporary environment-installation by Nanaiah Chettira had three gallery walls studded with little stars painted in a simple, bright red whose loose rhythm converged towards the centre. The clear design-like motifs developed a slightly organic character, while the whole imbued its domesticity with vastness. The conceptual premise became intimate and emotive, as the artist alluded to the absence of and longing for someone dear. His handling of the obviousness contained in the comic strip reference combined with sparing words of poetry gained then a subdued lyricism and a sense of purity. A somewhat similar sensation arose from the photographs by Sohail Abdullah of Pakistan who has shot disembodied shirts, chairs and dried lotus flowers. Mediating muted darkness and hints at hue, the prints relied on modulated light for the effect of blurred translucence and permeating, shadowy glow in their suggestion of human presence and feelings. Technically consummate and very subtle when restrained, they however remained surface-bound elsewhere.

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