Friday, December 11, 2015

HOME IS (W)HERE-Painting exhibition by Manju Mohanadas

Manju Mohanadas explores the idea of home beyond an address or a space. It is a private map, a sacred space where we come back again and again.

The artist questions herself-
"Where is home and where does one really belong?
The idea of a home - be it personal, geographical, familial is what the artist explores, questions and engages with. 
Displacement and dispossession trigger inquiries into ideas of ‘belonging’ - to places, spaces and times and a further re-look into one's roots and personal identity."

Manju works with mediums and materials to explore her idea, she explores her own body as map where life lines are etched deep. Through layered, strung and stitched landscapes, sometimes interspersed with maps and text, the artist attempts to articulate this fluid, unresolved state of being. 

When you say "I feel at home" it is a level of comfort, a space and time that is one's own. An address you want to own.To live and create and be yourself.

Manju Mohanadas is from Kochi, she has made Bangalore her home since 2000. She has received a MA in Fine Arts at College of Fine Arts, CKP, Bangalore.
- Suresh Jayaram

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