Friday, January 4, 2013

‘We were trying to make sense …’  Exploring Artist and Non-Artist collaborations

‘We were trying to make sense …’ is a selection of works developed between artists and non-artists, brought together to critically evaluate the processes and relationships involved in their making, and representing a variety of approaches towards collaborative practice. The project will look into artists’ works that focus on dialogue as a fundamental part of the process.

By bringing together works developed separately in India, Germany, Pakistan, Poland and the UK, the exhibition looks at how artists that operate internationally work with non-artists in local communities and other specific contexts. It emphasizes a critical reflection on the works made in collaborative projects between artists and non-artists and their perceived successes and failures, and questions the responsibility
of the artist.

Exhibition curated by Magda Fabianczyk and co-ordinated by Sophie Hoyle.
Publication developed in collaboration between Magda Fabianczyk and Sophie Hoyle

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