Thursday, October 11, 2012

We are not from here, don’t know how we ended up here, don’t have many things in common, we Sing, Dance, Paint, Sculpt, Print, Spray etc... We try to be normal like everyone, interrogating, experimenting the values of Culture, Life and Experience, but “ART” brings us together to do things the other way around, this creates the bigger meaning to produce and Re-produce the Life and Experience in us as “ART” without separating from self. Meeting with difference which bring us the idea of being together to collaborate the Diasporas of visual form and helps create the conceptual aesthetics and questions how the work of art could be enjoyed not being an outsider. We still remember the our school day where we didn't have much time to do art, but always we gave a quality of time to it to enjoy the idea of image making. Now we have given our life time to be a part of creative humans.  It’s bit hard to understand, explore and enjoy the image making process. The concept of making the image brings the kind of restriction to the way of thinking to focus our self’s to be a part. We are trying to portray the essence of visual form which is going to be a part of the main stream “ART”. This will not forget to say that it’s just not about the “ART” there is a need for something more to be explored in and out.

Curated by
Deepak D L

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