Thursday, August 2, 2012


“A spider can only make a web
but it makes it to perfection” -
Nasreen Mohamedi

SURYAPRAKSH GOWDA –Suri, has been greatly influenced by Nasreen Mohammadi, who he worked and spent a lot of time with, during his years graduating in Applied Arts, at M.S.University, Baroda. His expression is derivative of this influence, and has its own dynamic character, as he creates movement and illusion on paper – an aesthetic, very much his own…
Nasreen Mohamedi(1937-1990) was a unique figure in the Indian art world in Baroda, an artist rediscovered posthumously to international acclaim and recognition. Her black and white drawings use the line as an utopian language of abstraction, the effect is a sublime, lyrical and spiritual.

1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery

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