Monday, July 18, 2011

Screenings from Cairo, Egypt-a collection of short films and footage

 Friday, 15th July 2011
at 1 Shathiroad studio/gallery

Screenings from Cairo, Egypt

A small collection of contemporary documentary films and footage from Cairo, that capture moments before and after the revolution.
The four short films selected for this evening, were part of the Cairo International Documentary Film Festival and show ordinary life, its struggles and setbacks in the context of high disparity of income and long dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. These documentary films are sketches of the life of workers in a factory being closed down, a boatsman living and working on the river Nile and a Christian living in Cairo.

The evening will end with the screening of unedited footage, shot by Lina Attalah, from the rooftop of a hotel on the river Nile, of the battle over the Qasr-al-Nil bridge that connects to Tahrir Square. The stand-off is between the ordinary people and revolutionaries gathered and the police forces that were attempting to quell them.

Films include Sturm: Ahmonseto (Philip Rizk), Sturm: Fayoum (Philip Rizk), Living in the Nile (Mohamad El Wassify), I am George (Mohsen Abdelghany)

The screenings are being organised by: , Alternative Law Forum and 1.Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery

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