Sunday, January 2, 2011

Street Scholars: " Enchantment & Politics" - A Talk and a day-long Workshop

" Enchantment & Politics ” : A Talk and a day-long Workshop

Talk on January 4, 2011
@ 1Shanti Road, 6-8 pm

'Erotics and Agonistics in Rural Central India:
A Chapter in the Political Theologies of Popular Hinduism

- Post-Doctoral Scholar, Harvard University.
Dr. Singh has done extensive work on the Sahariyas of Rajasthan.

Workshop on January 5, 201,
9 am-5.30 pm
Xavier Hall, Ashirvad,

#30, St Mark’s Cross Road

The process that transformed nature into natural resource also transformed human beings into citizens. Our world is shaped by that experience. How do we reimagine our inquiries and practices (our sciences and our politics)?
We engage Akeel Bilgrami’s recent work on these themes to explore the possibilities of re-enchanting life. The workshop is envisaged as a participatory event in which the audience is as crucial as the speakers.

Morning: “Evolving a Triangulation”
-- Department of Philosophy, Columbia University

Afternoon: “Nature, Science and the Unalienated Life”
Opening comments on Akeel Bilgrami’s work by Vivek Dhareshwar and Lata Mani to be followed by collective discussion

* Please preregister at:

* Donation of Rs. 150 is requested though not a requirement for participation.
All are welcome.
For information call 9449836560
STREET SCHOLARS seeks to initiate discussions that reclaim reflection as an active dimension of our varied ways of engaging the world, artistic, political or academic.


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