Thursday, August 5, 2010

They come in standard sizes-' A Show by Sally Wright

They come in standard sizes-' A Show by Sally Wright
Artist in residence (from London, UK)

8th-10th August 2010
Opening Saturday 7th August, 6.30pm

As a first time visitor to India I have been fascinated and overwhelmed by the visual chaos of Bangalore... particularly in relationship to the structures and frameworks within Indian culture- religious symbolism and rituals, visual markings, warnings and symbols dotted throughout the streets, to the unspoken rules of daily life.

I come from a culture where there is an object for every activity possible. These objects are manufactured in factories throughout the globe and presented to us wrapped and virginal in window displays and on shop shelves, without us always been fully aware of their history. Objects seem to be given a full and generous life within India. They are layered with symbolism and historical understanding, they are reused, reinvented, recycled and lived to their fullest, and their industry and production is laid out in the streets for all to see.

One object in question is the tarpaulin. It is used in housing families, demarking construction sites, wrapping piles of coconuts, covering market stalls and street vendor’s wares. It can be an awning, a roof, an encasement and a wall, a toy, a shield of privacy and a dwelling. A tarpaulin has unspoken rules attached to it in this city; it is an object that has such a presence through its absolute functionality yet is seemingly invisible due to its status and commonality.

In my work at 1 Shanthi Rd. I am exploring the spoken and unspoken rules of objects that I encounter within this new culture and how they are presented to us visually to produce a new multi media exhibition.
- Sally Wright
Sally Wright is an artist who lives and works in London. She has a MFA (Fine Art) from Slade School of Art, London and BA in Textile Design from Glasgow School of Art.
She is currently artist in residence at 1Shanthiroad studio/gallery.

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